Testimonials Vineyard Intelligence


Stéphane Schinazi

Chateau Haut-Brisson
"I met Alexander during my search for a Bordeaux vineyard to acquire and I only had to congratulate myself since: not only did he understand exactly what I was looking for and was able to offer me the property that corresponded, but also, thanks to his great knowledge of the wine ecosystem, he allowed me to mark out the many stages of the path of acquisition. If his expertise was instrumental in moving the process forward, his availability, patience, and ability to collaborate fully with the due diligence team helped me to go right to the end and complete the purchase. I would definitely recommend anyone wishing to acquire a wine estate to work with Alexander."

Pierre Rousseau

Château Laffitte-Carcasset
"Wishing to invest in a Bordeaux vineyard property I enlisted the services of Alexander Hall. Over time I came to appreciate his professionalism and, in particular, his availability, his excellent knowledge of the wine industry, his true objectivity, whether analyzing the qualities (or the defects) of properties for sale and, finally, his perseverance in the negotiations. That is how with Alexander I acquired in Saint-Estèphe Château Laffitte-Carcasset, in 2016, and Château Haut-Beauséjour, in 2017, which opportunely complements the vineyards of Château Laffitte-Carcasset."

Andrew Eakin

Bottle Apostle and Château Puynard
"Although we run a wine retail business when it came to buying a vineyard in France we knew that we needed some expert advice. A winemaker friend in Bordeaux recommended that we contact Alex and I am very glad that we did. He quickly understood what we were looking for and selected several interesting properties, from which we eventually chose Château Puynard. From then on Alex took care of everything, from organising a soil survey to finding a winemaking consultant to advise us following the purchase. He is extremely professional, honest and diligent and was a pleasure to deal with. I would advise anyone thinking of buying a vineyard to speak to Alex first."

Martin Krajewski

Clos Cantenac and Château Séraphine
"Following my sale of Château de Sours I started to search for another high quality but small Bordeaux property, preferably in Pomerol. This is a difficult place to buy at the best of times, so I contacted Alex Hall of Vineyard Intelligence. Alex is extremely well connected with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the Bordeaux market and displays a very strong technical acumen and keen commercial sense of business when assessing winemaking properties.  He also possesses the essential qualities of sound judgement, absolute discretion and integrity along with the determination to see the job through. With his help we were successful in identifying and acquiring a property in Pomerol and I would have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone looking to purchase an estate in Bordeaux or beyond."

Ryan Harris

President, Domaine Serene
"Alex was a great asset in our search for a domaine in Burgundy and our acquisition of Château de la Crée. We particularly appreciated his understanding of the complexities of purchasing an estate in France, his technical know-how and his ability to communicate with the many different people involved on both sides of the transaction."

Gavin Quinney

Château Bauduc
"My recommendation to anyone considering buying a wine estate in Bordeaux (and beyond) is to talk to Alex. First, I have never seen a For Sale sign outside a Chateau, so inside knowledge is invaluable. Second, traditional estate agent fees are very high (one who approached us with an unsolicited offer in 2010 wanted 9%) and Alex is expert in understanding how to get the best value from the system. Third, even if you were buying through an agent, I'd recommend Alex undertake due diligence before you sign anything. Finally, Alex understands how a wine estate ticks from the ground up. I'd make sure you have him on your side."